From Juan Parra

Hi there… My name is Juan Parra and I still live in California.

Over a few years, I’ve been experimenting with web design and web hosting. I have created quite a few sites from scratch that were profitable. But, with the “now”  web presence and web creation technology, it has become so easy to build a site.  Anyone with a little technical knowledge, some common sense, and some patience, can build a website in minutes, web design has become no more than just a hobby to me now.

If you need help, I can still guide you in building your site. You do all the work. Please go here to find out how.

I have 2 personal websites and they have been neglected… My sites are pretty much about nothing really…

I will combine my two sites into this one….

RelajoRock.Com and JuanParra.Com will now be JPx3.Com… sort of the continuation for my 2 sites.

So..this is JPx3.Com  — JuanParra.Com 2.0, or RelajoRock.Com reloaded!

Current sites as they are, can be found  here and here.

Welcome to JPx3.Com!!